Review: The Lost Prince by Cait Marie

I was given an arc for my honest review.

Do you like fairy tales, pirates, and a roller coaster of emotions? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I have the perfect book for you.

The Lost Prince by Cait Marie is the sequel to The Lost Legends, and the second book of the Nihryst series.

The book follows Ada on another adventure with her friends as they race to find a magical flower that can help save the Kingdom of Detmarya from a plague that is spreading throughout the land.

Okay, Let me start off by saying I have an obsession with sword fights, fairytales, and couples who fight even though they are in love. This being said I love Ada and Lee, and I appreciate that they both went on a journey that led them where they needed to go.

I also love friendships that have no boundaries, and there are several in this series. My favorite is Shane and Phillip a.k.a Shillip. I will literally fight anyone who doesn’t believe they belong together. They are best friends who always look out for the other, and will literally sacrifice everything to save the other.

I was worried this book would hit a little too close to home because of Covid-19, but the various fairytales that are woven into the story, and the fun dynamic between the characters help keep the book from being too heavy.

Overall, This book is amazing! I cannot wait for the next book in the series. It will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions, but it is well worth the ride.

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Cover Reveal: The Lost Prince by Cait Marie

Hey guys! I’m excited to bring you my first cover reveal on this site. The book is the sequel to The Lost Legends by Cait Marie.

A mythical healing flower. A fractured kingdom. A curse unbroken.
Cait Marie’s long-awaited sequel, The Lost Prince, is releasing November 11!

Here’s the amazing cover!




Isn’t it beautiful? I love it so much.

Adalina and Shane will do whatever it takes to protect their people. Even if that means working with the “enemy.”

They stopped one tragedy, but now they face an even bigger challenge. Their only hope lies in the story of a mythical golden flower with powers from the sun.

It’s nothing more than a fairy tale.

But that’s never stopped Ada before.

Once more Ada must set sail on a quest with her favorite band of pirates. While she searches for the magical flower and the truth of the curse on the Nihryst, Shane is left to pick up the pieces of their crumbling kingdom. But there are secrets hidden deep within its history.

Secrets that could destroy everything the royal siblings know.

It is available for pre-order on Amazon here . Paperbacks will be available on release day internationally if you still enjoy the feeling of pages between your fingers.

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Arc Review: The Last Summer by Cait Marie

I was given an arc for my honest review.

The Last Summer by Cait Marie tells the story of two neighbors Lila Weston and Gavin Miller who spent their entire lives as next door neighbors. They did everything together until their eleventh birthday when everything changed. The story begins the night of Lila’s high school graduation party that Gavin decides to crash with his best friend Dylan. Gavin and Lila are forced to work together at Gavin’s family ice cream shop The Scoop. Gavin discovered a Summer Bucket List that Lila made, and decides to use it as a way to win his childhood best friend back before she leaves for school two weeks.

The story is told from the alternating perspectives of both Lila and Gavin. The voices are very distinct so the story is easy to follow. You get to see the list being crossed off as you go through the book. I loved this. My favorite books when I was younger were the ones that had lists with notes from the characters. I always felt like it gave me an extra window of insight into the characters, and this was no exception.

The book is a quick enjoyable read. The side characters are well -fleshed out, and I hope there are spin offs about them because I want to find out more about them especially Dylan. He was my favorite character in the whole book, but I have a soft spot for lovable best friends who do slightly shady activities.

The book takes you on the summer adventure you have to miss if you are stuck inside, and makes you wish you had ice cream. The characters are very relatable. Lila is the studious quiet type who longs for adventure. Gavin is the boy who would go through walls to make the people he loves smile.It’s a roller coaster of emotions, but one I will probably gladly ride again and again.

The Last Summer by Cait Marie is available on June 17 here.

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Never Trust A Kiss

Originally published on Coffee House Writers

“May I have this dance?” A low voice asked from behind me as I watched the sea of people around me. He knows that even though we’re together,  we don’t have to be with each other constantly, right? Just smile for the camera. I turned around and smiled so wide I was worried someone was going to coat my face in white paint, like one of those creepy earth people who make balloons of earth creatures. However, I found myself staring into a pair of rose-colored eyes rather than the dark blue I had originally expected.

My lips relaxed into a more natural smile as I took in the strangers appearance. He was tall and had red hair that glowed wine red as starlight poured in through the ceiling. My mother warned me to stay away from men who looked appealing in the starlight, but I gave him my hand anyway. 

I dont think weve met before. Whats your name? I asked, wrapping my arms around his neck. He kept his hands firmly around my waist as he smiled.

My name is Jalex Romaro, Your Highness. He commented as he dipped me carefully in order to lean in closer to my ear. Be careful who you trust princess, he added as he pecked my lips, slowly at first. Then the heat increased. I felt a little lightheaded as his lips left mine. I opened my eyes, and looked around for the young man with whom  I just shared a kiss. 

I lost him in the throng of heavily perfumed bodies once again. I touched my lips where he kissed me, confused as it tingled as if I had just been shocked by Dai, my fiancée, for doing something particularly annoying like falling asleep at a Council meeting, or missing those awful weekly teas with his mother to check in, and see how our relationship has progressed. 

I walked back to my table slowly as the room started to spin. I winced as I felt my hip slammed into a nearby table.

Ana, Are you okay? a voice asked me, but it sounded far off as if someone had dragged me underwater, and someone was trying to look for me. The room felt as if someone had stuffed the entire ballroom into a large oven. I looked around me for a familiar face, but the room felt like a swirl of purple and gray. I tried to elbow my way through with several polite excuse meexpressions. I felt myself fall into a pair of arms.

Poor little Princess not feeling well? a sugary voice whispered in my ear. I tried to place the voice in my ear. Who are these people? Why did Dais mother not let me know we were welcoming new guests?  I felt my arm slide across something, and a slight sting as if a bug had bitten me. She is going to need to walk. Bram wont like it if he knows we drugged her, the sugary voice commented.

Drugged me? I ran through a mental list of everything I had eaten that night. I had some of the moon pudding, which had bits of red chunks in it. It tasted super salty and makes me wonder if the rumors about them using traitors against the crown as the base. I only had like two bites, and then I wanted to throw up so it couldnt be that. They didnt bring the ice cream out yet , so thats not an option.

The stranger who kissed me? How can you drug someone with a kiss? None of the people Ive read about since I moved here can do that. I felt a pinch against my skin as I was pushed through a door.

Goodbye, Princess! Have fun! the sugary sweet voice cooed as I the air shifted from warm and suffocating to humid and damp.     

The shackles held my wrists tightly as if it were a child hugging their mother after waking up from a nightmare in the middle of the night. The room swirls like the ice cream cone I never got to eat at my engagement party.

The beautiful ice cream that looked like the snow I’ve seen in all of the pictures of wintertime when ice falls from the sky so the people use it to make this thick dessert which could be why there are countless pictures of earthling children sticking their tongues out as small little chunks fall from the sky. 

They want to get it straight from the source. I am brought back to reality as I am jerked roughly away from the wall by my hair. I should have listened to Dai and put it up earlier. 

Then at least they would have had to hesitate for a moment before they tried to rip the hair from my skull. Shackles rubbed against my wrists like two long lost lovers reunited after a long separation. I guess those are just for decoration.

Maybe they just wanted me to look nice for the rats that will be my cellmates? Too bad they messed up my hair. 

I felt something hard tear through the soft fabric of my dress, a small prick, and heard a low chuckle behind me. 

Welcome to your new home princess, the low voice commented as I saw a small square of light in front of me. I tumbled forward and caught myself as I fell to the rough marble floor which caused the shackles to scrape against my wrists. Good thing I decided to wear underwear today. 

I brushed my hair out of my eyes carefully and pulled my hand away. My hand was covered in a slimy texture as if someone had sneezed in my hair. 

Do these people hate clean hair or something? I tried to push myself up but I was quickly stomped back down as if I were an annoying insect they wanted to crush. Maybe I was but why me, and not the queen? 

I thought of Queen Dria sitting on a throne overlooking the reception. Would she notice? I scoffed bitterly as my mind drifted to the first time I met the queen.

It was a few hours after I arrived. I was walking among the castle rose gardens, admiring the different colors of silver, pink and of course the classic red roses. I put my hand on my head. I was feeling slightly lightheaded from the strong sweet scent of the flowers. I slowed down to look at the blood-red roses and chuckled bitterly. 

”The gardeners’ blood is what gives them such vivid color.” I hear a voice that is sweet like honey dripping off a spoon. I turned carefully not sure if I could handle any more sweet people. I put on my most polite smile. The corners of my mouth wrinkled slightly as if my mouth were straining with the effort. The queen was a small round woman with a round face that sagged as if it were a ball of dough a baker had left out.

Her eyes were wrinkled around the corner. Her eyes were the same midnight blue as the sky that blanketed her kingdom. Her skin was a dark golden brown that seemed to glow as bright as the stars. It always struck me as odd that the people of the Moon Kingdom were so tan when they lived in the Sun’s shadow. I bow quickly my knees sinking to the cold brown earth as I stared up at her. 

She looked down at me smiling as if I were a young child who had done something adorable. “There is no need for that, Anastasia. We will be family soon enough,” she said calmly as she offered her hand to help me up. Her hands felt like the kiss of the wind against your cheeks on a cold winter day. Her hand squeezed a little too tightly around my wrist. 

“Thank you, your majesty,” I replied calmly looking down to avoid the glare of orange light coming from her hair. She grasped my chin. 

“Powers mean nothing, Ana, if you do not know how to use them,” she advised squeezing my chin a little. Her eyes seemed to glow a little brighter almost as if we were engaged in the world’s most intense staring contest. I wanted to look down, but I had to keep my gaze steady. 

The queen wasn’t known for being the most social royal at court. She collected enemies like one collects sand in their shoes after a day at the beach. Only she makes sure no little bits of their dignity is left lingering to crawl back into her life. I suppose she’s had to what with her husband having most of the women of the court in his bed when the queen became too aggravating.

I stared into her eyes calmly not letting the sweat that was forming on my skin cause me to back down. She smiled at me, and it seemed every bit as cold as the marble statues that were placed throughout the square.

“Princess, I am pleased you decided to join us instead of staying at your party. I trust you’ll find us more hospitable than your future-in-laws.” A deep voice commented as smooth as the chocolate fountain I was missing far away from here.

My stomach grumbled, and I sighed, I should have eaten before the party. “Oh yeah because everyone anticipates being kidnapped at their engagement party,” my subconscious chided.

“Princess you may get up now, but thank you for the honor,” he commented smiling. 

“I don’t even know you so I don’t exactly know if you deserve to be bowed to for all I know you could be a member of the wait staff,” I commented as I stared down at the floor a smile dancing across my face as if it were telling me how to get out of here. I received a swift kick to the ribs. 

Pain shot through them like they had reached into my chest and took out some ribs to be used as knives to cut their meat during dinner. Next thing I know I hear a loud crack as the body fell to the body was lying still on the floor next to me. I scooted over as close as I could to the guard that stood on the other side, his leg shook nervously against my hip. I bit my lip. I would be scared if I were you too buddy. He took that guard down.

“Are you okay?” the man with the smooth voice asked as he crouched down on his knees so that his light greens eyes met my brown. He looked to be significantly older than me though as his black hair was peppered with patches of grey as if someone had flicked ashes from the fireplace into his hair. 

He had large bags under his eyes. Maybe he spent hours agonizing whether or not to go through with this. His round face looked like the boy who kissed me, and started this whole mess. 

That’s because they are probably related dummy,” my subconscious barked at me. I looked past the man with the green eyes to meet the rose-colored eyes of the boy once again. He looked down quickly as if my gaze hurt him.

“Ah you met my nephew earlier. Do you always give kisses so freely?” the man with the green eyes said as he smiled. My mother’s warning echoed in my ear again. 

“Never trust a kiss from boys who look good bathed in starlight. ”  I will be sure to listen next time.

Make Your Own Way

Originally Published on Coffee House Writers

Two years ago I kept seeing this post on Facebook with a list of things that people should stop telling people with chronic illness to do because it’ll make them better. The list included things like Yoga, exercise, eating better, more sleep, etc. It was basically a list of common things people suggest when a person isn’t pleased with their appearance, not a list for someone whose body cannot physically function that way because of a chronic illness or disability. I understood the outrage from those who posted about it and left it alone.

I have also been on the receiving end of a well-meaning stranger who said that if I go to this particular hospital, and meet with a certain doctor they would be able to help me walk. I listen, politely tell them “thank you”. Many people have said similar things to me with no results.

Then I would wheel on my merry way, shaking my head at their presumptions, like my parents hadn’t already considered every option possible at the time.

The post enraged me every time I saw it, but not for the reason one might think. Most people might think I would be angry because the suggestions are everyday solutions that don’t account for what a specific chronic illness or disability might target. However, the thing that made me angry was even though the everyday solutions won’t cure you of your medical diagnosis, some of those suggestions could help with alleviate some of the difficulties one might face with a chronic illness\disability. I feel like you think I’m being judgmental, but just hear me out.

Obviously, telling someone who suffers from insomnia to sleep more is ridiculous. Their brain chemistry doesn’t allow them to sleep. However, there could be some natural remedies they could try that are relatively inexpensive if they’ve tried them, or it’s not cost effective for the results someone has then that’s fine to tell them to stick it where the sun don’t shine.

I think people automatically dismiss holistic remedies because they typically require a bit more maintenance than going to a medical doctor who can just give you a prescription. I’m not saying holistic medicine will solve all of your problems, some problems do require hospitals and medications. However, there are other options. You just have to be willing to look.

I’ll give you an example from my own experience, I have Cerebral Palsy, and one of the treatments to help manage that is physical therapy. I think when I was in high school I had a physical therapist let me go as a patient because I didn’t do the exercises she asked me to do at home.

Then they opened a Fitness Center with adaptive equipment so I went there instead of physical therapy for a little while. I would go 1-2 times a week during the times I was consistent. It was also inexpensive so I paid for it out of my own money. I was actually in shape. I still couldn’t put myself to bed, or take myself to the bathroom but I felt better about myself physically. Then senior year I went back to Physical Therapy to prepare for college. I can’t remember if I was let go again or my therapist left.

Either way, I went to a different therapy clinic and had an awesome Physical Therapist who not only understood me as a patient but as a person as well. I graduated and went away to college where I realized with the right set up, I could be relatively independent. Flash forward a few years, I live in a studio with my best friend and a dog in a small studio 20 minutes by bus to downtown Chicago.

I don’t have an accessible shower and my aide who is my roommate has to help me with basically everything. The one thing I do have, though, is the ability to get myself back into shape so I can be more independent. I can’t get to the local Fitness center right now so I do YouTube seated workouts videos at home.

I know working out isn’t possible for everyone. I’m not saying it is by any means. I just want people to realize just because you are chronically ill or disabled it doesn’t mean you have to automatically dismiss every suggestion because while that exact course of action doesn’t work, it might lead you to something that actually can help make your life easier.

You just have to find your way. It’ll be frustrating at first because it might not be as easy as you think, but when you find your way you might be able to make another person’s path easier in the future. Shouldn’t everyone just cater to everyone else’s needs? It would be nice, but the world, unfortunately, doesn’t work like that so you have to make your own way.

Curse My Wheels!! I’ll Just Go On A Journey To Fix Myself

Originally published on Coffee House Writers

I was suffering from the curse of a blinking cursor while trying to write a story for a contest designed to celebrate people with disabilities who write fantasy. I was even excited to see that the characters did not necessarily have to have a disability themselves, just the author of the piece. I shot down every inkling of an idea I had and blamed it on the fact that I’ve watched Arrow on Netflix as if I had just gotten hired by the CW network, and my first episode is due next week. Sadly, I  just thought the story was interesting, and Stephen Amell was attractive. I decided instead of being upset that my characters didn’t want to talk to me that I should read a book to see if I could spark some original ideas. The book I was reading happened to have a character who had a traumatic injury, now the character has to use a wheelchair, and he hates it.

    I know such a life change would be an adjustment for anyone, and I empathize with that character. My issue was that the character is traveling with their love interest to gain allies for an ongoing war and to look for healers to fix his legs so that he may be able to walk again. I get it. He used to being more physical. They used to fight, protect others from harm, and now they sit in a chair that squeaks because the wheels are worn down.

    I was annoyed, but I’m going to keep reading because it’s the second to last book in the series, and I love the series so far. I went through a period of time with my own disability where I was depressed because I wasn’t able to be as independent as I used to be in the past. I stopped reading and writing outside of the bare minimum I needed to do in order to graduate. Then a friend needed someone to talk about a series that no one else they knew had read, and  I agreed to read it for them. The book reminded me of what I loved about reading, provided me with an escape from my own problems, and made me want to write again so I could do that for someone else one day. The series will always be special to me for that reason, and I will finish it. My annoyance with the character in question made me think about other instances of representation of people with disabilities in my life, and I realized it typically goes two ways. The first way is a character becomes disabled, they developed a special ability or tool that compensated for their disability. The second is they are disabled for a bit, and then the writer forgets to write it in again, and everyone just forgets that the character was disabled in the first place.

    My first thought when I was reading was if the author would have an apology at the end of the novel. This happened to me a few years ago when I read a series where the love interest became blind so he could no longer fight as well as his magic had blessed him to fight. Then as he recovered he developed a sort of sixth sense to read people’s emotions, and thoughts. It never occurred to me that would be considered offensive as I was reading the series. I took it as an example of his magic expanding the way your senses get stronger to accommodate the loss of another. Then I read the note apology for the treatment of the character’s disability, and I was confused at how anyone would be annoyed about it. The number of characters in fantasy who are disabled for the rest of their story is very few and far between so I was happy the character’s disability didn’t get fixed magically. They just learned to do deal with it.

    I feel like before I continue I should explain something about myself, and my relationship with my disability. I have had cerebral palsy since birth. I used to use a reverse walker until I had surgery back to back and didn’t get back to where I physically was before. I always knew I was lucky. I always could feed myself, let people know what I needed, and take normal classes in school. I always had at least one friend, and I’m white. I never struggled to look for characters in books who looked like me.  My disability has always just been a part of my life it never has defined who I am as a person. This being said my favorite example of representation currently is Hiccup and Toothless from the How to Train Your Dragon series. They are two friends with disabilities who just go on adventures and love each other. Hiccup has a partially prosthetic leg, and Toothless has a damaged tail which Hiccup built a partial tip so Toothless can stay balanced while he flies. Toothless cannot fly if the tip of his tail is damaged, and Hiccup’s leg can come off. They still protect their people, go on adventures, and have relationships with those around them that have nothing to do with their disability. I think it important to show people that having a disability doesn’t mean you won’t have adventures, or you can’t help the ones you love because you aren’t physically able to do everything on your own unless you are fixed. It’s the courage and creativity to find your own way to make those things happen using the resources you have at your disposal with your disability in mind, but don’t make it the villain in your story.


Are We Friends? Y Or N

Originally Published on Coffee House Writers

Friendship is one of the most fundamental parts of human nature. Don’t believe me? Think about your favorite movies, books, or even songs. I bet when you analyze it down to its core value, it has something to do with relationships. 

 I’ve spent the last two years since I graduated college reading books, watching shows on Netflix in between searching for jobs on various different job sites, and ultimately not getting any of the jobs that even gave me an interview. I watched as my Facebook friends accepted job after job a few weeks after graduation, and with each rejection, I would apply for more jobs. I would be happy for my friends. 

Who isn’t happy when their friends can afford a place to live and have food in order to survive? A selfish person, which is not an adjective that people generally use to describe me. I used the breaks in between my applying frenzy to watch the entire series of Grey’s Anatomy up to the most recent episodes on Netflix and Hulu. Now even if you don’t know anything about the show, I am sure you have heard someone use the phrase, “They are my person.” 

According to Grey’s Anatomy terms, it’s a person who you would do anything for them, and the minute they need you, you are there for them no matter what. I mean if the main character, Meridith, was in surgery in one operating room, and her person, Cristina, was in another surgery, they would wait to talk about things until after their surgeries were over usually with alcohol. 

This is how I always imagined friendships would be with people who you knew for years and would help you hide a body. I have my person; she is my best friend. The macaroni to my cheese. The cinnamon to my churro. I’ve talked to her every day for over ten years, and she is my sister at this point, not just a friend. I met her because she wrote a story that had a character I hated, and so I would write little stories in my reviews about punishing said character for the offenses he committed in the chapter. I instant messaged her on AOL one day. 

She thought I was another friend, and we figured out we liked a lot of the same things. We eventually exchanged numbers, and now we are roommates all of these years later. We had a year where we didn’t talk because I wasn’t being a good friend. 

I wasn’t there for her when she needed me. I still cared and was happy she didn’t unfriend me on Facebook. The day we talked again it was like I had a piece of myself back. Okay, that’s a best friend, but what is a normal friend? Why do I have some friends where I like to check in on their lives and comment on Facebook posts? I don’t get mad when I don’t get to see them, or they can’t come here. I have friends who I obsess about books with, Doctor Who, and read everything they write.

The conclusion that I’ve come to is if those friends were able to come to spend time with me in person, they would. I’m not saying I’m a perfect friend, but I think the most important thing about friendship is that a person can think about you, and know that you will do whatever you can to keep that friendship alive. Life is messy, and I get that. People go through life changes. Don’t shut a friend out, make some time if possible, and if you are unable to do that, find another time. You never know when a person might need you most and that is what I’ve learned in my almost 28 years of life.

I Fell In Love With A Pirate Princess, And All I Got Was A Lousy Execution

Originally published on Coffee House Writers

My charge, Anastasia, always says, “People do crazy things when they are in love.” Her impromptu trips to Earth turned her into a hopeless romantic. She always brings back these hologram movies where the girl is stuck in this impossible situation, and her true love can save her.

I’ve always assured her that her husband to be would cry and run away before saving her ungrateful behind. He signed a contract. An organ in his chest didn’t compel him to be with her.

Ana would laugh and say, “Someone will make you understand one day. ”

Now, I’m sitting in a dungeon with rusted chains binding my wrist. The room is dark, and my nose stings with the scent of salt mixed with urine. The guards chained me up like a bad dog of the Lunar Navy, and the only way to tell the passage of time is the growing cobweb in the corner of my cell, which covers the entire back wall of my cell since my arrest this morning.

It doesn’t inspire me to break out into a love ballad as I hear footsteps coming down the hall. I can only imagine that it is my executioner coming to escort me to my fate. I choked myself as I tried to imagine the rope digging into my neck as the guards kicked my feet out from underneath me.

Starlight came in from the windows across my cell. Would I even have time to pray that it would end soon, or will I be one of the lucky ones whose neck snaps instantly? I peered down the dark hallway. This was one of the last faces I would see. I would memorize every inch. The slim figure walked toward me, their eyes shielded by a large red hood. I rolled my eyes; the slim figure tucked their pants into dress shoes. The shoes bent in front as if they were a few sizes too big for them. They rolled up the sleeves of their red robe as if they were a child playing dress up with their mother’s clothes. There was the unmistakable dark brown hair of my little sister Mila.

“What are you doing here?” I asked as I rubbed my forehead to keep away the ache I could feel starting in the middle of my forehead. It was dumb, but I’d rather not spend my last few hours of life without a headache. I would have a broken neck in a few hours, anyway. 

“I came with Taiki,”  She said like she was talking about a new pair of shoes she ordered.

“What about school?” I asked, worried that Taiki helped her ditch school again. My mind filled with images of Mila dressed in clothes that resembled rags hanging off of her body while the men salivated over her as if she were a snack. The men starved.

“Hideki, are you listening to me?” Mila’s voice cut through the sea of dirt-caked fingers, “Hideki,” Mila said as she shook the rusted bars of my cell.

“What?” I said as I tried to ignore the throbbing pain that seemed to grow with each breath.

Mila rolled green her eyes, and I smiled. She looked so much like our mother. “I don’t know what she sees in you; everything will be fine, just go with it.” She huffed throwing up her hood again as the sound of distant drums echoed throughout the jail. “Well, that’s my cue, don’t mess this up,” Mila whispered before she walked away.

I fell to the ground as my legs gave out. No final words for your big brother? Mila walked out with the thud of a large metal door, but I swore I saw her shoulders slump a little.

The next thing I know I’m tossed over someone’s shoulder and carried out of the dungeon. The only sound being the rattling of my shackles that echoed off of the stone tunnel that led to the front of the palace.I saw hundreds of people looking at the top of the palace’s stone stairs.

“You’ll have to walk the rest of the way, pretty boy.” My guard said as he put me down, but was kind enough to steady me by yanking on my shackles.

I looked forward as they played the typical execution music you would see in movies on Earth. I guess the Queen thought it would be the last gift to my charge.

I scanned the crowd from the corner of my eye for a puffy ponytail, and a pair of warm brown eyes when a tomato hit me in the side of the face. The sticky juice ran down my cheek. I heard someone yell, “Maybe I’ll do a little deep star diving into your pirate girl’s caves.” The crowd laughed, and I cursed Dria for putting a light coat of moon oil on the rim of the shackles, so my powers didn’t work.

I had to settle for imagining how good it would feel to rip that man’s throat out and watch the mob scurry away as his blood ran the streets. I smiled to myself as my trusty guard pushed me up the stone steps. A low chuckle escaped from his mouth, his hot breath stale with alcohol as he slid up next to me, and whispered, “Only the best for Queen Dria’s boy.”  

My eyes felt like they would explode as I looked in front of me at a wooden structure polished to perfection. It looked like a clock tower with a large blade that sparkled in the light reflecting off of the stars in the sky. My face went bone white as the guards pushed me to my knees. My body, numb as they shoved my hands, and head through the appropriate holes at the bottom.

Then my guard stood up and read from a scroll with the letters D.G written in the elegant sapphire script .The letters sat perched on a golden crescent moon with an amethyst star hanging off of its tip.     

The guard’s voice booms as he read, “Hideki Niche Geneomene, You stand accused of aiding the escape of Captain Julian Coventina, wanted an enemy of Her Majesty, Queen Alexandria Geneomene.” I hear a rustle in the crowd as someone tried to push their way to the front. “Any last words?” The guard asked, his fat fingers gripped the handle.

“Long live the Pirate King, wherever he may be,” I said smiling as a curvy young woman pushed her way to the front. Her brown heart-shaped face streaked with a mixture of sweat and tears. She wore a long rose-colored gown with dirt caked at the bottom, and her bare feet visible. She had her curly black hair pulled back with silk rose bow. A muffled sob was the last sound I heard before everything went black. 

Love makes you do crazy things, but was it worth it? Ask me in millennia or two.

Checking in

I haven’t posted in a little while I apologize for that, life has been a little hectic. I am reading though! I’m currently reading the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas. I’m on the fifth book, Emperor Of Storms , out of seven. I will probably do a blog post within the next week or two about the first 6 books in the series. The seventh and final book , Kingdom Of Ash is set to be released next week, but it may take a while for me to get my hands on a copy.

Until then here is my To Be Read DivinersList:

A Court of Thorns and Roses Series by Sarah J Maas.

The Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard

The Diviners by Libba Bray

The Dark Artifices Series by Cassandra Clare

The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare , Maureen Johnson and Sarah Rees Brennan.

Happy Reading!

Where She Went by Gayle Forman (Spoilers Ahead)

Hey guys,

Thank you for the likes and views on my last post! I really appreciate it!

The next book I’m going to talk about is Where She Went by Gayle Forman. It was originally published on April 5, 2011 by Penguin Books. It is the sequel to If I Stay. Now, You might remember a movie that came out the end of the summer of 2014 starring Chloë Grace Moretz. If I Stay tells the story of Mia Hall as she struggles whether or not to wake up after being in an accident that kills her parents, and her younger brother Teddy. (Spoiler Alert: She decides to stay because her high school boyfriend Adam Wilde asks her to stay for him. It’s a Young Adult novel so that’s not surprising.) Where She Went takes place three years later after the accident. This time though the story is told from Adam’s point of view.

The book opens with him being interviewed by a blog on the internet throughout the interview you find out that his band Shooting Star is now award winning ,and they are getting ready to go on tour in England for their second album.

The interviewer asks about Mia Hall ,and Adam gets her escorted out by his security detail. He then pops some pills for his anxiety, and decides to go Mia Hall’s concert at Carnagie Hall after seeing it advertised on the back of a bus stop shelter. Mia hears that he’s there, and invites him backstage after the show. They end up going on a tour of New York City, and reconnecting, and the book ends with them deciding to make their relationship work by Adam following Mia on tour after his tour engagements are over.

The way the story is told is similar to the first book because it jumps between the present and the past (through Adam’s memories). I liked this because it shows that grief effects everyone differently, even if you feel you don’t have a right to grieve something because you may not be directly involved in the tragedy. I actually preferred Where She Went to If I Stay because I felt like it was more relatable.

I will say though that I have never been in a Mia situation, and I have always been the Adam, so that probably has a large part to do with it.

Overall, Adam had an interesting perspective with real anxiety. The book uses the concept of time in an interesting way, and as a reader I wanted to root for Adam and Mia as a couple.It is also a quick read which is awesome.

I took a screenshot of the cover off of my Kindle App, and attached it below. Thank you guys for reading this post. I promise my next book will be happier.

Happy Reading!

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