Arc Review: The Last Summer by Cait Marie

I was given an arc for my honest review.

The Last Summer by Cait Marie tells the story of two neighbors Lila Weston and Gavin Miller who spent their entire lives as next door neighbors. They did everything together until their eleventh birthday when everything changed. The story begins the night of Lila’s high school graduation party that Gavin decides to crash with his best friend Dylan. Gavin and Lila are forced to work together at Gavin’s family ice cream shop The Scoop. Gavin discovered a Summer Bucket List that Lila made, and decides to use it as a way to win his childhood best friend back before she leaves for school two weeks.

The story is told from the alternating perspectives of both Lila and Gavin. The voices are very distinct so the story is easy to follow. You get to see the list being crossed off as you go through the book. I loved this. My favorite books when I was younger were the ones that had lists with notes from the characters. I always felt like it gave me an extra window of insight into the characters, and this was no exception.

The book is a quick enjoyable read. The side characters are well -fleshed out, and I hope there are spin offs about them because I want to find out more about them especially Dylan. He was my favorite character in the whole book, but I have a soft spot for lovable best friends who do slightly shady activities.

The book takes you on the summer adventure you have to miss if you are stuck inside, and makes you wish you had ice cream. The characters are very relatable. Lila is the studious quiet type who longs for adventure. Gavin is the boy who would go through walls to make the people he loves smile.It’s a roller coaster of emotions, but one I will probably gladly ride again and again.

The Last Summer by Cait Marie is available on June 17 here.

Cait Marie’s Goodreads .

Happy Reading!

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